There are certain similarities between the life of a mountaineer and the life of a soldier. Our lives involve tests we hope to endure. We don't expect to rise to the occasion, rather to sink, as David Grossman has pointed out, to the level of our training. We train hard, hoping to fight easy. We do what we do, driven by internal motivation.

I was asked to lecture at a NATO convention for Special Forces after I returned from an Everest expedition in 2006. The expedition had tested me far beyond my wildest dreams. My friend Tomas had payed the ultimate prize, falling nearly 2 vertical kilometers. The accident had happened at some 8500 masl, changing everything from sport to survival. There was no rescue-service standing by, no one was able to reach me. The only thing left to save me was the level of my training.

Over the years my respect for the professionals I've worked with in the Army, Air Force and Navy has steadily increased. I've done everything from lecture at the Chief of the Air Defense's leadership seminar at the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, to work as a guide / instructor at sport exercises with soldiers. I've helped rise the level of training for dedicated professionals and average conscripts. If you want to know more about my full list of clients / engagements for the Armed Forces, or how I can contribute to your unit, please contact me.

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