My childhood dream was to work with adventure photography. This idea led me to buy my first Nikon and move to Chamonix, France.

On the hills I soon found steep skiing to my liking and spent increasingly more time in front of, rather than behind cameras. Over time I established a strong working relationship with climber and skier Tomas Olsson and adventure photographer Fredrik Schenholm.

​Together we traveled to Mount Everest and climbed the mountain in a day. Not far below the summit events turned epic, forcing me to complete the first ski descent of Mount Everest's North Face solo.

​Returning from Everest, I was invited by NATO's Center of Excellence to lecture at an international Special Forces convention. Since then I've combined adventure with consulting for the Army, Air Force and Navy. I've also shared my story and experience as a motivational speaker for a number of Norwegian and international organizations.

​A decade after Everest, I became the first Nordic climber to summit all 82 4000-meter summits of the Alps, an achievement that was rewarded with the title "Adventurer of the Year".


As an athlete / adventurer I've always carried a camera and I've worked on both sides of the camera for National Geographic. My writings on adventure have been published in more than 25 countries.

​After retiring from sport, I started a photographic project focused on big mountains. As an athlete one is typically under constant time-pressure, I planned my days differently and hope to present this special world to a broader audience.

​More recently I've brought my newest Nikons to a few friends weddings, and was very happy with the results. This is a field I would like to further explore.

Tormod Granheim

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