Tormod Granheim

Growing up below Kolsås Mountain outside Oslo, I developed an interest in climbing at young age. As years went by I became involved in yacht racing, white water and sea kayaking, base jumping and speed flying.

I have worked / am working with the following brands:

Atomic Skis
Bergans of Norway
Black Diamond
Evi Skis
Led Lenser
Scott USA
Zag Skis

As a professional athlete / adventurer I've focused on skiing and mountaineering. Here's a short summary.

• 2013-16 Climbed all 82 4000 meter summits in the Alps, becoming the first climber from the Nordic countries to make this achievement. Adventurer of the year in Norway.
• 2013 First winter ascent on The Troll Wall, Norway. Piolet d’Or big-list nominee.
• 2006-09 Climbed and skied the three highest mountains on earth, Mount Everest (highest above sea level), Chimborazo (furthest from the center of the globe) and Mauna Kea (tallest from it’s foot).
• 2007 North Atlantic, from New York, attempted crossing on reed raft Abora III, inspired by Thor Heyerdahl.
• 2006 Climbed Everest in a single push from Advanced Base Camp (6450 masl) and made the first ski descent of the north face. The expedition turned from sport to survival when partner Tomas Olsson had a fatal fall during the initial phase of the descent. Runner-up Fri Flyt Awards.
• 2004 Climbed and skied Cho Oyu (8201 masl) solo, sans-oxygen in a single day.
• 2003 Climbed and skied Muztagh Ata (7546 masl) and Kuksay Peak (7184 masl).
• 2002 Climbed and skied Aconcagua (6962 masl).

Tormod Granheim

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